We are back after lockdown and everything is awesome…

Safety: As everyone has their temperature taken when they enter the gym, you know that the people you are sharing your space with are fever free and healthy (unlike shops etc).

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy: Thanks to our nifty online booking system, it’s super simple to book your training sessions well in advance. Once in the gym, most people are then booking future sessions with Elly which is even more straightforward.

No Sharing!: That’s right, it’s your very own bag for the entire session. No sharing it with anyone else, and because you’re not holding the pads for anyone, it’s effectively double the workout.

Learn the art of Muay Thai: We are taking this time to really concentrate on learning the art of Muay Thai on an individual level. Your WAKT instructor has full focus on you on your bag throughout all the drills and routines.

Cardio and Strength: Interspersed with the Muay Thai drills, every class will always incorporate a healthy mix of cardiovascular training as well as good old strength and conditioning.

Diversity: Don’t be fooled into thinking that each ‘Book a Bag’ session is going to be the same. Whilst the Warm Up and Cool Down may have a similar format, every session is going to be diverse and challenging, keeping everyone (literally) on their toes. Plus, we have the new Saturday ‘Fighter Style’ sessions, and of course Yoga & Meditation too.

We are all one: It’s so lovely to have all you amazing people back together at last. Let’s all work together to build Team WAKT even stronger – whilst having as much fun as possible of course 😀