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Discover the essence of Muay Thai in Cornwall with WAKT, where tradition and technique fuse in every class. We are all one.

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Kickstart your Muay Thai adventure with our Beginners classes in Cornwall, where fun meets fierce in every session.
Dive into Authentic Thai Boxing training in the UK, with trainers who bring the thrill of the fight.
Elevate your game at our Competitive Muay Thai gym in Cornwall, where every punch and kick spells excitement. Ready to play hard and train harder? Join us now!

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A Legacy Since 1994

Since 1994, WAKT has thrived on Thai traditions. Join us in 2024 as we mark three proud decades.

In the summer of 1994, Al embarked on a new chapter by relocating from Newmarket to Newquay. His journey in Muay Thai began at Cobra Thai in London and was further nurtured under the guidance of World Champion Nigel Thompson in Bedford and Cambridge.

Upon realising Cornwall’s lack of Thai Boxing facilities, Al was inspired to fill this void. Despite the challenges of a pre-digital era, his determination led to an innovative poster campaign. This initiative culminated in the inaugural WAKT class in November 1994, which, albeit modestly, started with one eager student and one curious onlooker. With a bit of persuasion, Al welcomed both into the fold, marking the humble beginnings of WAKT Thai Kickboxing Cornwall.

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We’re more than a ‘Fighter’s Gym’ โ€“ our dedicated team makes sure that fun and friendliness are key parts of our hard-training community.

Mr Al, head coach at WAKT Muay Thai

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Head Coach

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