Safety First

Complacency is a sin: It’s so amazing to at last be able to reopen after months in lockdown. As always, we are going to be maintaining our high standards of safety, so please be sure to have a read and refresh your mind of all that is required. See you soon you lovely people!

Booking & Paying: All classes will be pre booked and paid for online via our website. Once at the gym you can also book your next/future classes no problem.

Entering the Gym: Please wear a face mask when entering the lobby (maximum of 6 people at a time). All students & coaches will have their temperature taken via a Non Contact Infrared Body Thermometer prior to entering the gym. Your face mask can be removed once in the gym, but please be aware that the ‘Rule of 6’ still applies.

Cleanliness: A deep clean of the facilities will be carried out before each training session. Another will happen in between sessions, and a final one after the last session. This will involve cleaning the punch bags with an antibacterial COVID-19 cleaning agent, and wiping the training mats for each station, it’ll be much appreciated if each person can help clean their station/bag.

Social distancing: All students will be spaced at a distance of at least 2 metres at their work stations during sessions (your bag). There will be a limit of one person at a time allowed into the shop.

Gym Capacity: All sessions will be on a pre book and pay basis. The limit of places in each session will be a maximum of 12, therefore allowing the social distancing of at least 2 metres. No spectators will be allowed to watch classes. If students arrive at the gym with another person, they will be asked to remain outside for the duration of the class to wait for the student, unless it is under specific circumstances and they are acting as a guardian for that student. In this instance, they will be solely responsible for that student, and their details will also be obtained.

Contact with other students: All classes will be strictly non contact with other people (no sparring and no pad work). This eliminates any face-to-face training, and allows us to adhere to the social distancing of at least 2 metres at all times.

Changing of clothing: Students will be asked to arrive at the gym in their training kit, and leave after class in the same kit, waiting until they get home to shower / wash.

Sharing of equipment: Students will not be permitted to borrow or share any equipment whatsoever. A pair of boxing gloves are required for use on the allocated punch/kick bag. In the event they do not own their own gloves, we can provide some inexpensive mits for them to purchase. Each session will be on a 1 person per punch bag basis (which will subsequently be thoroughly cleaned).

Towel/Yoga Mat: Students will be required to bring their own Yoga Mat/Towel for all floor work to ensure maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

Toilet facilities: Students will be allowed access to the toilet facilities on a one-in, one-out basis. They must only be used for the use of the toilet and not as a changing room.