A Long Overdue Get Together!

Location: Rockpool, Godrevey, TR27 5ED (Rear Garden).

Meet Time: Sunday 12 July, 12:00pm Mid Day.

Facilities: The actual Rockpool main building will be closed due to the Corona Virus, but we will have access to the toilets. They will be serving food and drinks as a Take Away similar to a drive through, but on foot. Pay and order at one window, then collect at the next.

Reserve Your Place: Due to social distancing we are allowed a maximum of 42 people in the rear garden which has been reserved for us (7 tables x 6 people). As we are already up to the mid thirties in places reserved, we do need to know if you’re coming please, (or if you have booked and now unable to make it). You can contact us by commenting below, or via the WAKT Whatsapp group, or drop us a text on 07925 887920.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, it’s been too long!