December Grading: It’s great to be able to get back on the syllabus and offer the opportunity for everyone to have the chance to achieve a worthwhile goal once again on a regular basis.
The last Grading of 2021 is on Sunday 12th December with an 11am start. Please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance in order to be registered on time.
There’s still a month to go, so if you haven’t got your name down yet, there’s still time as long as you’re prepared to put in the work.

Pre Grading: The all important Pre-Grading is on Sunday 5th December, also with an 11am start time. As always, the Pre-Grading is completely optional, but makes such a huge difference to the grading results. This is a book in advance session with Elly (i.e. it won’t be on the website), normal lesson price of £5. We’ll be running through all the techniques grade by grade in a mock Grading situation, and then working on what needs trimming up for each individual person, aiming to get them the highest possible chance of getting the best score on grading day.

Double Grading?: A couple of people have asked if they can double grade Orange/Green at the next Grading. As Coaches, we’ve discussed this and decided it’s not a great idea. Each Grade is worked out to get you forward to the next stage with the required amount of content to allow you to best master the techniques and sparring. On the old adage of ‘Quality over Quantity’, it’s going to keep the team stronger by doing it at the correct pace. This isn’t a race, and we’d much prefer you be an amazing Orange Grade and the best you can be, rather than a mediocre Orange/Green (or of course fail).

The Unavoidable: When all is said and done, we’ve done amazingly well in that we’ve managed to avoid a price rise in almost 6 years. As you’re all undoubtedly aware, everything has gone up in price recently, leaving us no choice but to add £1 to all classes, however this won’t be ‘kicking in’ until January 2022.

Strength & Conditioning Circuit: It’s back! We had to stop the circuit during COVID due to all the equipment in use, but thankfully it’s now making a return on Tuesdays at 6pm. As before, this will consist of 15 stations including Agility Ladder, Ab Wheel, Push Up Bars, Top & Bottom Ball, Knee Bag, Kettle Bells, Medicine Ball, TRX, Maize Bag, Sand Bag, Tricep Bar, Sledge Hammer and more. No partner needed, it’s open to everyone, and slots are available to book now.