Moving Forward

New Home: Whilst we’re still settling in to our new home, we’ve done really well considering the short space of time we had to put it together, and that’s in no small part due to the amazing team that we have.
There are still things to do, such as sorting the bags for example. To give everyone a fair shot, we decided to keep all the bags as Fairtex ‘Banana Bags’ to get the best workout experience possible.
The time table is going to be getting tweaked as we move forward, so please do expect some positive changes, including improved classes for the Under 14’s.

Grading: Well done to those of you that pre-graded. The standard was generally very good, which bodes well for the actual grading.
Just don’t let your guard down over the next few days, as Sunday 5th September will soon be here.
This especially applies to those of you that have sparring, which can count for most of your score on the higher grades.

Under 14’s: We’ve had a great response from our Under 14’s, so much so that we’ve actually started an extra class. The Under 14’s Muay Thai is now on a Monday at 6pm, and the Friday 6pm session is now good ‘ole Kids Bag Smash.

Fighter Squad x 2: Another positive improvement that’s coming into play is to make Fighter Squad more accessible to beginners and Kids, as well as ensuring that more advanced students are progressing unhindered.

Welcome to two versions of Fighter Squad.

Fighter Squad Technical – Shadow Boxing Warm Up, Stretching, Sparring Drills, Free Sparring, and of course, Abs with Alan.
This session is suitable for everyone, from Beginners to Active Fighters, and Under 14’s.

Fighter Squad Traditional – Jog Sprint Warm Up, Stretching, K1 & Muay Thai Free Sparring, Shark Tank, Milling, Advanced Clinch and Take Downs.
This session is suitable for the more experienced and is adults only.

If you’re not sure which session(s) are best for you, just ask Mr Al.
Advanced students/fighters are encouraged to do both, not only to get the full package but also to pay it forward by working with those that are up and coming.

Working Together: With our costs rising and a limited capacity, we’re doing our best to avoid the inevitable price hike for as long as possible. Please help us by understanding that we can’t move sessions at short notice as we’re not going to be able to refill that slot, and the admin is all time consuming. As always, together we are stronger.

In the Pipeline: We’ve more things planned, and these will be discussed further in the gym to see which ideas are popular or not. Amongst these are ‘WAKT Wing’, a potential new running/jogging club which could happen prior to existing classes. Hopefully the return of Yoga in the not too distant future, and the possibility of bringing back Circuit Training.
As our new gym is ours 24/7, it’s currently empty in the day time, so ideas are welcome on that too please.