New Time-Table

Unlocking New Sessions: As long as all goes to plan, we’ll be back on Pad-Work and Drills from Monday 17th of May. We’re going to introduce the new sessions consecutively as we move forward rather than dive into them all at once. We’ll be starting with ‘Power Pads’ on Monday at 7pm, and ‘Fighter Squad’ makes a triumphant return on Saturday mornings at 11:30am. Further sessions to subsequently be rolled out will be ‘Muay Thai Mash Up’, ‘Under 14’s Muay Thai’, and of course the essential ‘Drills and Skills’

Book A Bag: The good news is that the Bag Sessions are still here to stay. They will be at 6pm Mon to Thurs, 6pm and 7pm Friday, and 10:30am on Saturday mornings. There will be a link to the new time-table soon, but bear in mind that this will be evolving as opposed to static.

WAKT Colours: All weekday sessions involving contact (Pads, Sparring, Drills) will see us returning to WAKT Team Colours. If you’re graded you will of course be expected to wear your Prajeat. Although it’s been a while, I doubt anyone will need to be reminded of penalties for ‘forgetting’ their vest etc 🙂

Licenses: Apart from the WAKT Instructors it’s highly probable that your licenses have all expired. Please be aware that you’ll need to be licensed to take part in any sessions involving contact, so it’s advisable to get your renewal in as soon as possible.

Grading: Many of you are itching to get grading again, so as soon as we’ve got the Green Light for sparring we’ll be announcing the Grading date. We’re hoping for late July, so we can get stuck straight into it.

Under 14’s Thai Boxing: This new class is starting on Thursday 20th May at the new time of 5pm, and will be available to book from Saturday onwards (same as Power Pads & Fighter Squad). Big thanks to Jay for helping out with this, get involved and spread the word!

Booking & Paying: All classes are still to be pre booked in advance. As always, the new sessions will be released on the website every Saturday afternoon. You can also pre book in the gym as before.

Big Thank You: We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have supported us through this tough year. Whilst we’re not ‘out of the woods’ yet, it does no harm to be positive and look forward with hope. We’d especially like to thank our sponsors, and do this properly we have a new ‘Friends’ page on the website here.